Zuda's first crossover brings together <i>SuperTron</i>, <i>Black Cherry Bombshells</i>

Joining in the "long tradition of comic book crossover events," according to the press release, Zuda's The Black Cherry Bombshells and SuperTron strips are crossing over.

"We've been dropping hints in both strips for a while. Last year The Bombshells appeared in SuperTron's dream and recently connections between the King and MOM Bot were discovered," said Johnny Zito, co-creator of The Black Cherry Bombshells.

SuperTron creator Sheldon Vella will illustrate five episodes of Black Cherry Bombshells beginning April 5. Sheldon's stint as guest artist will connect the Armageddon events between both series and will catapult both comics into their final chapters.

"We're really excited to finally team up with Shelly. For the longest time we've thought of the Bombshells as the prequel to SuperTron," said Tony Trov, co-creator of The Black Cherry Bombshells.

This isn't the firts time Vella has drawn the Bombshells; you can see a promo piece he did for them last year in this post. And check out another piece of art after the jump ...


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