Zudacomics.com: RIP, 2007-2010

DC Comics sent out a press release today saying that they are shutting down the Zuda Comics website and will offer some of the titles from the imprint on the iPad and the PSP through their recently announced digital initiative. The site is still live as I type this, ironically sporting an ad for the Zuda Comic End of the Road, but the release says it won't last the day.

(Update: it looks like the site is now being redirected to the Zuda blog).

The move comes a couple of months after Zuda announced they'd be ending their monthly competitions and moving to a different submissions model. Zuda chief Ron Perazza adds a bit more detail at the Zuda blog (which will live on):

The submissions question is simple: It is the new DC Co-Publishers’ plan to expand submissions beyond just Zuda Comics and the Online group into a larger, more comprehensive system that covers all of DC Comics’ wide variety of needs, skills and interests. Jim and Dan are very excited about bringing in and developing new talent so look for more information about that from them as plans develop.

As for the site, from here on out, Zuda Comics will be folded into DC Comics’ exciting, new Digital Publishing initiative. Expect more Zuda series to be released through the DC Comics and comiXology Apps, the Sony PSP and on both the comiXology website and, eventually, the main DC Comics website as well. You’ll be able to read all of your digital editions and manage your entire library in one place, whether DCU, Vertigo, WildStorm or Zuda. The goal there is convergence of technology and convergence of editorial.

Both Bayou and High Moon are available on comiXology' and the DC Comics app, and the release promises that we'll see "John Zito and Tony Trov’s Black Cherry Bombshells, Dan Govar’s Azure, Andy Belanger’s Bottle of Awesome, Sheldon Vella’s Supertron, and Adam Atherton’s Lily of the Valley" on the iPad and the PSP in the future. However, some creators are confirming that their strips will not make the jump, including Drew Rausch, the last winner of the monthly Zuda contest.

"Zuda will be no more today, and with it ELDRITCH!. For those of you supported us, hang in there, we'll figure something out," he tweeted this morning. Rich Johnston has a round-up of tweets from other Zuda creators.

Zuda launched back in 2007, with the first contest going live in November of that year.

Developing, as they say ...

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