Zuda ends their monthly competitions

Zuda's Ron Perazza announced today on the Zuda blog that they've decided to stop their hallmark monthly competitions for a variety of reasons:

He goes on to say the site will change as they eliminate the competition and retool the submissions section.

Zuda launched back in 2007, with the first contest going live in November of that year. The site's "American Idol" style competitions received a bit of criticism at the time (as did other aspects, like the contract and the Flash interface), most notably from PvP creator Scott Kurtz. The contests continued, and as winners like David Gallaher, Steve Ellis, Sheldon Vella, Johnny Zito, Tony Trov and many others started becoming ambassadors for the site and the competition, it seemed like opinions started to change -- even Kurtz changed his position somewhat.

I don't think Gallaher, Ellis and the rest needed to win the competition to become comics creators -- I'm pretty sure most of these guys were well on their way to a career in comics regardless -- but the competition did give them a jumpstart and did bring us, the reader, some pretty cool comics. So kudos, DC and Zuda, for bringing these guys deserved attention ... I'm hopeful that you'll continue to do so with other creators.

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