Zubkavich and Dogan do <i>Mafia Wars 2</i> comic on Facebook

Jim Zubkavich is a busy guy these days. The Skullkickers writer has just relaunched his webcomic Makeshift Miracle with a new storyline and a new artist, and last week he announced a project with a very different tone: A comic based on the soon-to-be-released Mafia Wars 2 game, illustrated by Omar Dogan.

Mafia Wars 2 is a Facebook game, and here's the rub: To read the comic you have to not only "Like" Mafia Wars 2 on Facebook but also allow MW2 to have access to your profile. Which, if you're already involved with the game, shouldn't be a problem, but it still skeeves me out a bit. So I didn't take that last step.

Game comics are not usually my thing, but I enjoyed Zubkavich and Dogan's previous collaboration, Street Fighter Legends: Ibuki, and I'd like to check this one out. I get the logic that the way to promote a Facebook game is on Facebook, but making the game accessible only from the app greatly reduces its effectiveness as a way to bring new people in. Still, if you're already there, it's probably worth checking out. As for me, I'm just going to check out the newest page of Makeshift Miracle, because even without Facebook apps, there's plenty of Zub to go around.

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