Zorro Rides Again Vol. 1: Masked Avenger TPB

Story by
Art by
Esteve Polls
Dynamite Entertainment

Alta-California is a land under the iron rule of a military dictatorship, yet freedom and justice have a champion with a flashing blade-the masked rogue known only as El Zorro! Yet even this fearless nocturnal avenger is only human...and tragedy can't always be averted. When the Alcalde's soldiers murder a young farm family, events are set in motion that will change Zorro's world forever. As Alcalde Quintero and his devious master-at-arms, Esteban Pasquale again attempt to lay their hands on the secret gold mines that lay beneath the lands of the Pulido estate, Don Diego de la Vega again finds himself reunited with his estranged sweetheart in an effort to save her father from persecution. All the while, Diego is unawares that his own father has stumbled upon a closely guarded secret-the fact that his seemingly indolent son is, in fact...ZORRO himself!

Collecting issues 1 through 6 of the hit series.

"...Zorro Rides Again is a fun opening chapter to this latest exploration of El Zorro and his unending battle for justice." - Broken Frontier

"...it would be a mistake to overlook this book." - IGN Comics

"Zorro Rides Again is a good old-fashioned tale of western justice about to be served." - Crave Online

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