Zombies Go Medieval In <i>Stronghold</i>

Rebellion Publishing, parent company of 2000 AD, is teaming with Amber Entertainment for an adaptation of Paul Finch's medieval zombie tale Stronghold, Variety reports.

Released in August by Rebellion's genre imprint Abaddon Books, Stronghold follows a young English knight sent to recapture a castle from Welsh rebels who secretly employ druidic magic to summon an undead army. The knight must defy his masters and rescue the daughter of his enemy while battling the risen dead. The novel is part of Abaddon's Tomes of the Dead series of zombie fiction.

Stronghold will be the directorial debut of Rebellion's Jason Kingsley, a video-game director who in 2000 bought 2000 AD with his brother Chris Kingsley. Amber Entertainment's Ileen Maisel will produce the movie, with Chris Kingsley executive producing.

According to the trade paper, Stronghold could shape up to be the beginning of a partnership between 2000 AD and Amber, a production company established last year by former New Line Cinema executives Maisel, Mark Ordesky and Jason Fleming, and documentary and TV producer Lawrence Elman.

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