Contrary to Rumors, Zombieland 2 HASN'T Secretly Filmed

Forget those rumors that Sony's Zombieland 2 could be coming sooner than expected, as the studio definitely hasn't filmed the sequel in secret.

The 2009 original was a surprise hit, but fans had all but given up hope that they would ever get to see the further adventures of Columbus, Tallahassee, Wichita and Little Rock. So, the recent news that the long-awaited sequel is still in the works came as a surprise to most everyone. announcement of Zombieland 2 back in March was a big surprise to everyone.

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Although they're now better known for Deadpool writers Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick are back to pen the script for Zombieland 2 and have given a tentative release date of 2019 to celebrate the original's anniversary. However, Reese threw cold water on the rapidly spreading rumor that the cast and crew had already reunited in secret to shoot the movie.

Unfortunately for anxious fans, he didn't offer any idea of when production might actually begin. Wernick recently promised news "very, very soon," but it looks like everyone will have to wait a little longer for Zombieland 2 to double-tap its way into theaters.

The rumors started when Splash Report claimed to have have been invited to a test screening of Zombieland 2 on June 7. There was even "photographic evidence," which now turns out to have been faked. Contrary to suggestions that the test screening had been canceled due to the leak, Reese shut down all rumors that the movie has already been shot.

With Zombieland grossing more than four times its production budget, audiences are getting ready to nut up or shut up for another round with its A-list cast. But, much like a slow-walking zombie, a sequel seems a way off yet.

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