The Walking Dread: 15 Heart-Stopping Zombie Superhero Cosplays

Zombies, vampires, werewolves and other mythological creatures have for long been part of our literature, movies and television. TV shows such as The X-Files and Fringe dealt with all kinds of supernatural phenomenon and freaky creatures. Not so long ago, a book and movie franchise revolving around a teenage girl who falls in love with a vampire was the most popular young adult saga. AMC’s zombie apocalypse series The Walking Dead is still going strong and movies such as World War Z tend to gather a wide audience.

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Back in 2005, Marvel introduced the zombified versions of their comic book characters. Marvel Zombies was set in an alternate universe where superheroes have been infected with a virus that turned them into zombies. In 2009, DC Comics ran "Blackest Night", a crossover storyline in which a personified force of death reanimates deceased superheroes and seeks to eliminate all life and emotion from the universe. These comic book storylines have inspired artist all over the world to create incredible zombie cosplays of their favorite comic book superheroes and villains. And since the walking dead are all the rage, we have decided to give the spotlight to these amazing zombie cosplayers. So, here are 15 crazy freaky zombie superhero and villain cosplays.


What a cool take on the infamous superhero duo. Chilean cosplayers, Sofia Lataste and her friend Anita Rebolar, attended the 2015 Zombie Walk, an organized gathering of people dressed up as zombies, as Batman & Robin. Not only did they manage to put a female spin on the two ruggedly handsome male characters, Sofia and Anita made them look very creepy with their zombie makeup.

These zombified versions of Batman and Robin strike fear into the onlookers with their rotting flesh and frightening faces. Batman in particular looks menacing. These two awesome cosplayers surely deserve a lot of praise for their terrifying zombie outfits. Let's hope Sofia and Anita decide to do this again sometime and we get to see more zombie superheros from them.


One of the characters we hardly expected to see zombified is Iron Man. Yet, despite all odds, here it is. A perfectly zombified Iron Man. Brought to you by Kizuki Cosplay, a London-based cosplayer who loves making various cosplay costumes and props. According to her, she was too lazy to fix her Iron Man suit so she decided to give it a little twist.

Hence, we get this incredibly scary zombie Iron Man. Good thing Kizuki was lazy and didn’t bother to fix her costume because this zombie Iron Man is truly a unique piece. The worn-out look of the suit, the greenish skin, the face makeup, not to mention the exposed insides, make this Iron Man one very frightening zombie. Keep being lazy, Kizuki.



Judging by Momino Cosplay’s Instagram bio, her two favorite characters to cosplay are Rogue and Domino. Not surprisingly she’s put on these two costumes on multiple occasions. Momino often cosplays with her husband and daughter. There’s actually a photo of Momino as Domino and her daughter as Rogue. In fact, her Instagram is packed with photos of her family cosplay, usually of X-Men characters. The cosplay family dresses up and goes to conventions together. And you know what they say, the family that cosplays together…

Momino’s zombie Rogue, however, was not part of a family cosplay. She probably didn’t want to scare her daughter, because her zombie Rogue can easily frighten an adult, let alone a child. But the best and most terrifying part must be the left eye.


The Dynamic Duo Props Cosplay is an awesome husband-wife team who have been building cosplay costumes together since 2012. Relationship goals. This adorkable couple is absolutely crazy about Marvel. The wife is a huge X-Men fan and the husband is quite fond of Iron Man. Their cosplay costumes include War Machine, Wonder Woman, Batman and so many more.

The zombie Captain America, featured above, was one of the first costumes this pair of medical workers-turned cosplayers showcased at a convention. Obviously, the couple made quite the first impression, since their cosplay was awarded Zombie King at Dragon Con 2013. The entire costume, except for the aluminum shield, was made by The Dynamic Duo Props Cosplay. Everything from the exposed brain to the Cap’s zombie face looks incredibly freaky.



Jester FX is a special FX, prop and costume company that has been making cosplay costumes, props and lots of other fun stuff for almost fifteen years. Their specialties are horror and superhero related items, so it stands to reason that they decided to combine their two biggest passions and create this incredible zombie Spider-Man.

Spidey’s suit is based on Tobey Maguire’s suit from the Sam Raimi's Spider-Man Trilogy. Jester FX used a scan of the suit from the movie and added a few horrifying modifications. Their Spidey looks as if he’s jumping at you from some kind of a haunted house. And perhaps one day he will be, given that Jester FX have also provided various haunted attractions across the United States with their horrifying sculptures.


These zombie walks sure have a lot of good stuff to offer. This zombie Joker comes all the way from Vicenza, Italy. Back in 2015, photographer Daniele Pippi Dal Pozzolo discovered this awesome cosplayer wondering the streets of Vicenza during the infamous zombie walk. The unnamed cosplayer sported a very freaky zombified Joker costume.

The suit and the makeup are spot-on, as well as the performance. The way he hunched down and glared at the camera with that creepy smile can give you the chills. And just look at the not-so-subtle detail on his back. The dude attached a bat to his back, so it looks like Batman had hit him with one of his throwing b;ades. He obviously put a lot of effort into making his cosplay one-of-a-kind.



Now that’s one creepy zombie. This terrifying Black Widow is work of an American designer and cosplayer under the name of DeAnna Davis, also known as It’s Raining Neon. After years of creating mind-blowing cosplay costumes from scratch, DeAnna has turned into an Internet personality, working on platforms such as Twitch and YouTube. She’s cosplayed various comic book, video game and anime characters, all of which look unbelievable.

Her zombie Black Widow is one of her scariest creations and was made specifically for the 2012 Halloween. The creepy stuff you see all over DeAnna’s face was handmade using toilet paper and liquid latex. Silly how a little toilet paper can scare you to death. However, this cosplayer doesn’t joke around. If must be, she will take your brains by force.


According to Nicci Fett, she didn’t even know she was a cosplayer until people started calling her that. Up until then she thought of it as her projects that she wears. The talented Nicci makes her own costumes and sometimes they take months to complete. We don’t know how long it took her to make this zombie Catwoman costume, but the one thing that is certain is that it looks amazing.

The Catwoman costume was clearly inspired by the one Michelle Pfeiffer wore in Batman Returns and looks amazing just on its own. However, for this occasion, Nicci gave her Catwoman cosplay a special touch by turning Selina Kyle into a very scary zombie. Nicci once stated that her costumes are supposed to make kids want to puke and we think this one does it.



Building a regular Iron Man armor is a complex and time-consuming process that can take months to finish. We can only imagine how hard it must have been for this guy to design and build a zombie Iron Man suit. This incredible costume is work of cosplay artist Kyosti Kallio and the photo was masterfully executed by photographer Adam Jay.

The carved-out bits reveal a very vivid eye as well as exposed ribs, so it genuinely looks as if the suit has somehow merged with the person inside. The suit seems to have taken quite some damage, which tells us that Iron Man certainly didn’t go down without a fight. Not surprising, since Tony Stark is definitely not known to throw in the towel that easily.


Jonathan Quest, known as Cosplay Quest, comes from Lille, France. The versatile Jonathan cosplays characters from video games, comics, movies and manga. Over the years, Jonathan Quest has won numerous prizes for his incredible cosplay costumes, including four awards for his Groot cosplay.

We don’t know if his zombie Spidey has won any awards, but we’re willing to nominate him for one. Turning such a lovable character into a frightening brain-eating monster could not have been an easy task. However, Jonathan’s done it. His zombie Spider-Man looks nothing like the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man we know and love. Jonathan’s friend in the Phoenix costume doesn’t fall behind, squeezing a human heart with a threatening glare. There’s no denying it, these two make a frightening pair.



Björn Grü is a German cosplayer, based in Berlin, known as Aptera Cosplay. Björn’s favorite kind of cosplays are zombies and comic book villains. Seems like he found a way to combine the two and it turned out looking incredibly cool. Björn’s zombie Riddler is a mesmerizing sight. As if the Riddler wasn’t a freaky enough character, this guy goes and makes him look even more insane.

Not only does his face look creepy, his eyes seem to send a clear message 'I’m coming for your brains, so you better watch out'. Knowing the Riddler he’d probably make his pray solve one of his puzzles before he decides what to do with them. Björn showed of his zombie Riddler at Comic Con Germany, calling it a dream come true.


This horrid creation will haunt your dreams for the rest of your life. This amazing photo of a terrifying zombie Harley Quinn was shared by the cosplay photographer Federico Weber, aka Naoto Photography. Apparently, he came across this unnamed cosplayer at a zombie walk and couldn’t resist snapping a picture.

As if Harley's "delightful" personality and clown outfit weren’t enough to freak people out, this cosplayer added zombie look into the already creepy mix. Even though she almost gave us a heart attack, we have to admit that this zombie Harley Quinn looks awesome. The level of authenticity of the zombie makeup is almost surreal as well as the cosplayer's presentation. We have no doubt she was one of the most memorable zombies at the event.



This zombie Superman sure looks spooky. We can only imagine the amount of time, energy, talent and resources that went into creating such an incredibly authentic zombie look for the Man of Steel. This skilled cosplayer, whose name was not revealed, sported his zombie Superman costume at the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con. Naturally, he turned a number of heads and a bunch of zombie Superman pictures swamped the Internet.

The sheer amount of detail on this costume is absolutely mind-blowing. The ripped clothes and the rotting flesh all over his face and body offer the gore galore you can only wish for. Too bad this guy remains anonymous, we’d sure like to know if he has more unbelievable cosplay costumes hidden in the back of his closet.


This one can truly make your heart race. Batman’s arch nemesis Joker is one of the most terrifying villains in comics. Given the things he’s done in his comic book, movie and television history, Joker can easily frighten even the most fearless of us. Yet, this creative cosplayer managed to find a way to turn Joker into an even scarier figure.

This incredible photo of a zombie Joker was shared by photographer Matt C without the identity of the man in the costume. Nevertheless, he deserves every praise for his daunting zombie Joker. Not only does the guy look like something out of a nightmare, for added effect he carried around Batman’s severed head. Whoever you are man, kudos for the amazing costume and thank you for scaring us out of our wits.



Because playing video games and reading comics wasn’t nearly enough, Danny Bocabit decided to essentially become the characters she loves so dearly. This Spanish cosplayer is a true full-time nerd and loves to dress up as characters from video games, comic books and movies. Throughout her career, she’s cosplayed characters such as Poison Ivy, Lady Deadpool, and of course this marvelous Ms. Marvel.

Danny’s Ms. Marvel looks as fierce as ever with her zombie look on. Not only is her Ms. Marvel costume on point, her zombie makeup is absolutely mind-blowing. The disheveled hair, the rotting flesh, and all the blood, make this Ms. Marvel a daunting sight. If a zombie apocalypse ever does come to pass, we’d certainly want to keep our distance from a zombie Ms. Marvel.

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