Zombie Preparedness Plan Filed With The CDC ... FOR REAL!

The first season of The Walking Dead ended (spoiler alert? still?) with a visit to the Centers for Disease Control. More precisely, it ended with those offices exploding, but that's besides the point. Our human survivors visited the CDC because that's what you do when there's a viral outbreak of that magnitude. It's precisely what those government workers spend their days planning for.

In that spirit, the CDC -- as in, the actual CDC, in real life (aka True 3D) -- has released a preparedness plan for the looming zombie apocalypse (via BoingBoing). It's played fairly straight, though the writing style is almost certainly more colorful and conversational that what you'd see in a typical government report.

The short version: keep an emergency kit handy and a plan that you can put into action should such an emergency arrive. Really, this zombie preparedness plan amounts to a clever ruse designed to teach us how to handle an actual disaster. The zombie apocalypse, as much as it seems like scary, End of Days fun, really falls closer to the Rapture, which, as we'll all learn this weekend, isn't real either.

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