Zircher Joins "Suicide Squad," Leaves "Shadowman"

Recently, DC Comics' June 2013 Solicitations credited "Shadowman" co-writer and artist Patrick Zircher as the new ongoing artist for "Suicide Squad" beginning with issue #21. CBR has confirmed with Valiant Entertainment that Zircher has stepped down from his role as both co-writer and artist for "Shadowman." The publisher's June solicitations credit Justin Jordan as the sole series writer with art by Neil Edwards.

"Shadowman" is Valiant's most recent series, debuting in November 2012 with Zircher and co-writer Justin Jordan at the helm. The comic is currently in development to become a film with a script by J. Michael Straczynski.

"Every character has a core or essence of what they are, as well as visual cues that are their own. Those remain," Zircher told Robot 6 in January about "Shadowman's" development. "After that, we want to take the character forward and make something that doesn't rely on having read the early books. Some things will be familiar to older readers and some things won't. This isn't a title that was suspended for 6 months or a year. Shadowman has come back a generation later. It's time for new things too."

Zircher is currently credited as co-writer and artist for April's "Shadowman" #6, which will be his final issue of the series.

"Shadowman" #6 hits stores April 3.

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