Zip to publish Pekar's <i>Cleveland</i>

Heidi has a nice bit of news at The Beat: Zip Comics is going to be publishing Harvey Pekar's Cleveland, and Top Shelf will distribute it. I don't think that first bit is exactly news, because Zip posted it on their blog when Pekar died, last July:

ZIP is proud to be publishing Harvey Pekar’s CLEVELAND which he finished writing and which is currently being illustrated by Joseph Remnant. We will keep you updated, and right now we’re looking at a summer/fall 2011 release for that.

According to the press release (quoted in full at The Beat), the book will mix Pekar's own story with the history of Cleveland:

Harvey Pekar’s CLEVELAND covers familiar American Splendor-ous territory while weaving in chunks of Cleveland history, including the Indians winning the 1948 World Series, the notorious 1969 fire on the Cuyahoga River as well as profiles of Cleveland “characters” like Charles Ruthenberg, leader of the city’s Communist party whose ashes were buried in the Kremlin wall. And of course cameos by Pekarverse regulars like Toby the Genuine Nerd, Mr. Boats and Harvey’s wife Joyce.

Sounds like my kind of book.

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