"Zero-G" Debuts at New York Comicon!

Official Press Release

Spacedog, in association with comic industry leader Top Cow Productions, Inc., is set to debut a preview issue for the upcoming mini-series, Zero-G, at the New York Comic Con taking place February 23rd through February 25th. Spacedog will be appearing at the Top Cow booth during the convention and will have the exciting preview issue for Zero-G available for fans. The special #0 issue features a ten-page story, exclusive interviews with writer/creator Alex Zamm and artist Jason Badower, as well as a behind-the-scenes looks at character and creature designs. The issue will retail for $1.99 or is free with any purchase of Spacedog publications at the show.

Zero-G #0 begins with an international space race when a mineral-rich asteroid is discovered close to Earth. The U.S. sends astronauts to mine the celestial body, but they're not the only ones after it. As they explore the rock, an elaborate series of tunnels is uncovered… and it's not long before the astronauts realize that they are not alone!

Creator Alex Zamm is best known as an award-winning writer/director of films such as Inspector Gadget 2 and My Date With The President's Daughter . Spacedog head honcho Roger Mincheff discovered up and coming artist Jason Badower during a trip to Australia in 2004.

The synergy behind the creative team is easy to see. "Alex Zamm knows how to tell a story. Zero-G is just a great, fun read; you feel like you're like eating popcorn watching a summer blockbuster!" said Mincheff. "And Jason Badower's bold artistic style is a perfect compliment to the storytelling."

The four-issue mini-series launches this fall. Additional information on Zero-G can be found at www.topcow.com.

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