Hustlenomics Magazine, one of the more popular car and model magazines featuring the latest in hip hop, hot rides and beautiful models, has teamed with Zenescope Entertainment for the Toyz Nation Expo on August 23rd in Atlanta, GA.

Hustlenomics will be holding multiple competitions at the Expo, some of which include a model search and a gaming tournament. Winners will receive cash prizes and will also be featured in Zenescope's upcoming comic book mini-series entitled STINGERS which follows a hardcore bounty hunter who goes up against a group of aliens attempting to colonize on Earth.

"We're thrilled to be part of the Toyz Nation Expo with Hustlenomics. I think exposure like this shows how the comic book industry has become more widely accepted as a part of mainstream entertainment." said Zenescope Vice President Ralph Tedesco.

Go to www.Hustlenomics.com or www.ToyzNation.com for more information on how you can win big in Atlanta.

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