Zenescope Offers Wizard World Philly Fans The Chance To Win An Xbox 360

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Official Press Release

Zenescope Entertainment, publishers of New Line Cinema's Final Destination and the upcoming series Se7en, offers Wizard World Philly fans the chance to win an XBOX 360. Raffle tickets for the XBOX 360 will be issued with each purchase of the Wizard World Philly exclusive edition of Grimm Fairy Tales #1. The comic is limited to 500 signed copies and will be available at booth 701 throughout the show.

In addition to the XBOX 360, there will be a second place prize, a Sony PSP. Third place prizewinners will receive either a Se7en DVD or Final Destination DVD, compliments of New Line Cinema.

Wizard World Philly takes place June 2 – 4 at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. For more info please visit www.wizarduniverse.com

Zenescope founders Joe Brusha and Ralph Tedesco combined their efforts over the past year to create a number of new comic book series, with a focus of presenting a diverse line that will please core fans as well as introduce its books to a mainstream audience.

Included in Zenescope's current release schedule are: Grimm Fairy Tales, enveloping the fantasy and horror of the infamous tales popularized by the Grimm Brothers (Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, etc…); Sins of the Fallen: The Night Stalker, a supernatural thriller of a journalist who races against time to prevent the gruesome ritual murders of a serial killer; and the mini-series Final Destination: Spring Break, which debuted in February 2006, with the graphic novel due out in September 2006. In the fall Zenescope plans to release a seven-issue mini-series based on the New Line Cinema movie Se7en.

For more info about Zenescope Entertainment please visit www.zenescope.com

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