Zenescope Entertainment Announces "Dyno Force"

Official Press Release

Comic book and graphic novel publisher Zenescope Entertainment has announced that the first comic in its new Gold line, Dyno Force #0, will be a Free Comic Book Day release.

Known for its edgy more adult comics including Grimm Fairy Tales, Se7en and Final Destination, Zenescope is presenting this new line of comics for readers of all ages.

"Having had success in the mainstream comic market with adult themed titles, we wanted to create something that could be enjoyed by readers of all ages," says Joe Brusha, creator of Dyno Force and Zenescope Editor-In-Chief.

Dyno Force features a team of mutated dinosaur heroes that battle aliens and a team of mutated, evil "Dino-soldiers" on present day earth.

Zenescope hopes tehe appeal to a broader range of readers will attract retailers to the title. To help gain this support, Dyno Force features a special pricing program for the first six-issue story arc. After the FCBD #0 issue hit stands May 5th, issue #1 will also ship in May with a cover price of $.25. Issue #2 will ship in April with a cover price of $.75. Issues #3-#6 will ship monthly thereafter and each issue will have a cover price of $.99. With this pricing structure, fans will be able to get the first six issues and the FCBD #0 issue for less than $5.00.

"Retailer support will be key in getting this series off the ground," says Zenescope Vice President Ralph Tedesco. "We hope that this pricing program will allow a larger audience to be able to read the series. In turn, this gives retailers a great chance to bring in more younger readers."

All six issues will contain 22 pages of story. The FCBD edition will contain an 8-page prequel story as well as several pages of character designs, bios and other bonus material.

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