Zenescope Entertainment Announces 2007 First Half Release Schedule

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Comic book and graphic novel publisher Zenescope Entertainment has announced the first half of its 2007 publishing schedule. Fans of Grimm Fairy Tales and Se7en have been wondering when the latest issues would hit store shelves and Zenescope Publisher Joe Brusha has the answers.

"While our first year of publishing was successful and exciting, we didn't account for some of the snags that can happen along the way. After a full year of putting out quality comics, we've worked out the kinks and can promise our fans we're now on a steady schedule.

"We know it's frustrating for both our fans and the retailers who carry our titles when books ship late," adds Brusha. "Getting our titles back on track was a major goal for us in 2007. We've been working closely with Diamond to make this happen."

The current release schedule for Grimm Fairy Tales is as follows:

GFT #10 – January 24th

GFT #11 – February 7th

GFT #12 – February 21st

GFT #13 – March 14th

Grimm Fairy Tales #14 will ship April 18th and the series will continue to appear monthly thereafter. Zenescope be re-soliciting Grimm Fairy Tales #15 in the March issue of Previews to accommodate this new schedule. The Grimm Fairy Tales Volume 2 TPB, collecting issues 7 – 12, will be solicited in the April issue of Previews and will ship in June.

For fans of Se7en, issue #2 will be on stands this Wednesday, Jan. 24th and then will ship monthly according to the following schedule:

Se7en #3 – February 7th

Se7en #4 – March 28th

Se7en #5 – April 11th

Se7en #6 – May 16th

Se7en #7 – June 20th

The final issue of Sins of the Fallen (#5) will ship March 28th with a trade available in May.

Jindai #5 is currently available for order via the Zenescope online store and the final three issues will be completed throughout the course of the year. Updates on the series will be posted on the company website as they become available.

Final Destination: Spring Break #3 hits shelves January 24th and the final two issues will have the following release dates:

Issue #4 – March 14th

Issue #5 – May 23rd

In addition to the current list of titles, Zenescope will be releasing several new series in 2007, including the Grimm Fairy Tales spin-off: Return to Wonderland.

Return to Wonderland #0 ships May 3rd with a $.99 price point to coincide with FCBD.

"As an independent publisher we greatly appreciate all of the support retailers and fans have given us during our first year in the industry," says Brusha. "We want to thank you for sticking with our books even after these shipping delays, and we will do our best to get our books shipping on time again and keep them there."

For more information please visit www.zenescope.com

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