Zenescope Announces Brand New "Monster Hunters' Survival Guide" Series

Official Press Release

Zenescope Entertainment, publisher of the hit series Grimm Fairy Tales, Neverland, The Waking and Charmed has announced the release of a brand new four issue mini-series debuting this fall entitled MONSTER HUNTERS' SURVIVAL GUIDE. The series, penned by monster expert John Paul Russ, will offer a comprehensive guide on how to effectively hunt and survive confrontations of all sorts with a large variety of monsters.

Each issue will contain precautionary measures, hunting techniques, survival tips and other extremely useful information when dealing with a multitude of monster types which include the undead, cryptids, unnatural beasts and fantasy monsters.

"We felt there was no comprehensive guide for how to hunt monsters or to survive monster confrontations. This will certainly help humans gain an advantage in many situations." said monster expert John Paul Russ "We definitely urge the amateur monster hunter to proceed with extreme caution but feel this guide provides everything one needs to know in order to hunt and survive vicious beings of all types."

The first issue, which deals with encountering the undead, will be available for pre-order in the upcoming September issue of PREVIEWS for only 3.99 at 48 pages with cover art by Greg Horn and Talent Caldwell.

Grimm Volume 1 sells out for fifth time

Also, Zenescope Entertainment has announced it has just gone to a sixth printing of their extremely popular Grimm Fairy Tales volume 1 trade paperback since its initial release in 2006.

"We're so thankful for the fan support of this series. To go to print six times and sell tens of thousands of copies of a trade paperback has been completely unexpected and amazing." said Zenescope Editor-in-Chief Ralph Tedesco "Our landmark 50th issue hits shelves soon and we're thrilled that fans have been so receptive to this series over the past several years."

Zenescope Entertainment does have a few copies still on hand and urges retailers to contact Zenescope directly at DaveF@zenescope.com to restock in time for the release of Grimm Fairy Tales #50 on September 8th.

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