Zendaya Addresses Live-Action Little Mermaid Casting Rumors

In August, news circulated that Zendaya might play the lead role in Disney's live action remake of The Little Mermaid. However, at the Smallfoot premiere on Saturday, Zendaya addressed the news herself, saying it's pure speculation.

According to Variety, though, while Zendaya said the Little Mermaid casting report is just a rumor, she's definitely interested in playing the part.

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"I mean, yeah, why wouldn't I?" she said about taking on the role of Ariel.

The original report came from That Hashtag Show, which stated Zendaya was offered the role of Ariel. Zendaya as Ariel has been many fans' dream casting for a while now on social media, so it would only make sense that a rumor of her actually getting the role would get legs. Still, so far, the film, which is slated to be a CGI and live-action reboot directed by Rob Marshall, has no one attached, much less a release date.

While it might make some fans sad that Zendaya has confirmed the rumor isn't true, the film is still a fluid situation, so who knows who will be cast?

CG-animated film Smallfoot, Zendaya's latest project, also stars Channing Tatum, Common, James Corden, Gina Rodriguez, Danny DeVito, LeBron James, Yara Shahidi and Patricia Heaton. Smallfoot will be in theaters Sept. 28.

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