"Zen: Bounty Hunter" To Be Published By SSS Comics

Official Press Release

Toronto, Canada - November 08, 2004 - THE WAIT IS OVER. A while back SSS COMICS announced that they are the new publisher of the fan favorite characterZEN : The Intergalactic Ninja. SSS COMICS is pleased to announce that ZENBOUNTY HUNTER is now available for Pre-Order in the November Previews Magazine.Zen : Bounty Hunter is a new ongoing bi-monthly series written by SteveStern (Zen's Creator) with art by the definitive ZEN artist Bill Maus. Billwill be double duty as he is also drawing Eclipse & Vega for SSS COMICS.

According to Saul Colt (creator of Eclipse & Vega as well as BIG BOSS ofSSS COMICS) "Just being able to Publish Zen would be pretty cool in itselfbut we decided if we are ongoing to do it we better shake things up. Therewill be some changes to ZEN. Physical and otherwise but I can promise youall the stuff you liked about Zen in the past will still be there as wellas a bunch of cool stuff for people who have never read a Zen book. I don'twant to give too much away too early but attached to this Press Releaseis the very first look at some of what we have in store."

Zen Bounty Hunter #1 can be found on page 316 of the November Previews. The catalog # to order the book is Nov04 2889

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