Secret Empire: Zemo's Friendship with Captain America Isn't Over Yet


One outcome of the sentient Cosmic Cube Kobik rewriting history in the Marvel universe during Secret Empire was the new friendship formed between Hydra's new Supreme Leader Captain America and his longtime nemesis Baron Zemo.

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With Hydra Cap defeated -- by the real Captain America no less -- in Secret Empire #10, the question now is where does that leave Zemo? According to writer Nick Spencer, the villain won't be quick to give up on his new reality where he has a best friend in Steve Rogers and a loving relationship with his father.

"You won't see a whole lot of Zemo in Secret Empire: Omega, but going forward, his life has been fundamentally altered," Spencer told CBR. "He very much bought into the belief that he was Steve's best friend, and that he had a loving and healthy relationship with his father, and that he belonged to something bigger than himself. Those are the kinds of things that Zemo has been struggling to find in his life for as long as we've known him as a character. So for him to now have this belief that Steve is his best friend and they have this shared history is not something a guy as dogmatic as Zemo is going to give up on easily."

But even though the evil Steve Rogers, and not Kobik, is the one responsible for the fond "memories" that Baron Zemo is basing his new reality on, that won't stop him from holding on firmly to those moments.

"Zemo's perception of history was always only based on what Steve told him," the writer said. "The Cube didn't do anything supernatural to make him believe those things. Steve sat on the other side of his cell for an extended amount of time telling these stories and Zemo decided to believe them. There's an important moment towards the end of Captain America: Steve Rogers where Zemo says, “I believe these things to be true. And if they're not true I'll make them true.”

With this new status quo established for Baron Zemo, however, Spencer will be stepping aside to allows other writers to take Hydra's story in any number of creative directions.

"Those aren't necessarily my stories to write, but I think there's an enormous amount of story potential in Zemo discovering the religion of this world that was," Spencer said. "Because Hydra now has a belief system that's a lot more firm and carries a lot more sort of religious fervor than any they've had before. Now, if you're loyal to Hydra, you believe that this world was stolen from you. You believe that your side won World War II, that you were on the verge of taking over the world, and the allies used the Cosmic Cube to change history."

Secret Empire: Omega #1, from writer Nick Spencer and artist Andrea Sorrentino, is on sale now.

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