Zemeckis Helming <i>Wizard of Oz</i> Remake?

It's been a good little while since Robert Zemeckis has taken charge of a fully original live-action feature film. But for his next project, the director might be breaking away from the motion-capture style he's cultivated over the last several years -- but the original material part? Not so much.

Deadline reports that Zemeckis is Warner Brothers' choice to direct a full-scale remake of The Wizard of Oz. That's remake, not reboot; Zemeckis' Oz would go straight to the classic 1939 picture's source material, going so far as to use the original film's script for the update. That's a very different approach for a project like Disney and director Sam Raimi's Oz, The Great and Powerful, which is more a twist on the world of Oz and a retelling of the Wizard's origins. The WB's angle, it seems, is to repeat what worked so well so many years ago.

Hollywood has no shortage of Oz projects in development right now. In addition to Warner and Disney's planned Oz films, there's also Drew Barrymore's developing Surrender Dorothy as well as a long discussed feature film that would take inspiration from Todd McFarlane's decidedly dark line of Oz action figures.

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