Zdarsky & Anka Team For Fantasy Miniseries at Image Comics

Daredevil writer Chip Zdarsky and Runaways artist Kris Anka will team up with Paper Girls colorist Matt Wilson for a new fantasy miniseries from Image Comics: The White Trees.

The new series, which will run for two oversized issues, follows three battle-hardened warriors as they struggle to put aside memories of a bloody war from 20 years ago to join forces in search of their missing children, all while a new war looms on the horizon. The first issue releases Aug. 14.

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In the press release for the comic, Anka promised, "This book has everything: action, suspense, romance, Daddies."

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Zdarsky said, "I'm beyond thrilled to be working with Kris and Matt again!," referencing the trio's run on Marvel's 2017 comic Star-Lord. "Are they thrilled to be working with me again? It doesn't really matter as I tricked them into signing a contract by using the words 'hot fantasy.' Legally they have to illustrate this tale of fraught relationships forged in war and the complexities of fatherhood."

"Or suffer the consequences," Zdarsky added jokingly.

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You can see the first interior pages and cover for the series below:

The White Trees #1 hits shelves on Aug. 14.

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