Zatanna fan film hopes to conjure funding on Kickstarter

Although the teaser trailer is, naturally, brief, it may be just intriguing enough to draw fans of Zatanna to the Kickstarter campaign page for Theo Brown's fan film. And once there, the story pitch may just seal the deal.

The writer/director proposes a retelling of Zatanna's origins, with the magician grappling with both "a villain greater than anything she's ever faced" and her own inner-conflict about the loss of her father.

"A lot of people ask us why we want to make a film about Zatanna," Brown writes. "'Why not Batman, Superman, or other, more well known characters?' First off, we think that Zatanna is a pretty awesome character that deserves time on the screen! Her stories are great and we want to introduce those stories to people who may not even know about her, as well as support fans who’ve loved her over the years. Also, the lack of superheroines being portrayed on screen is a travesty, especially with their rich histories. So instead of re-telling another hero’s story, we wanted to use this as a chance to show what one of comics’ famous women is really capable of!"

He's seeking $36,000 to pay for the cast, crew, equipment, wardrobe, production and the like for what he expects to be a one-week shoot. To reach that goal, he's offering a variety of awards, ranging from a DVD and a poster to signed prop and wardrobe replicas and a visit to the set. The campaign ends Nov. 15.

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