"Zatanna" Arrives At Last

Fans of DC Comics resident spell-caster will most likely shout "Yllanif!" as the publisher today confirmed via its blog The Source that "Zatanna," the long-rumored ongoing comic series centering on the titular magician by writer Paul Dini, will become a reality in May.

Frequent DC cover artist Stephane Roux steps onto the book with Dini, who's publicly had the character in his sights for many years. Dini explained that, "Though a lot about Zatanna's world is new, it is still firmly rooted in the DC Universe. She's still a JLA member, and that will play into her stories now and then. Also, I plan to explore her somewhat dicey relationship with her younger cousin, Zachary Zatara. I saw a good chance to inject some family discord there, so when I was developing the book, I ran some ideas by Geoff Johns. He created Zach, so I wanted to get his okay before I shook things up. Luckily Geoff was cool with what I wanted to do, so readers can expect to see Zach becoming a permanent part of Zee's world."

Additional commentary on the new series from both writer and artist as well as more preview pages can be found at The Source. Check back to CBR for more information on "Zatanna" as it becomes available.

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