'Zak Raven' returns to Angel Gate Press in young adult novels

Official Press Release

Los Angeles, CA - November 26, 2003 - Hot on the heals of their first young adult novel, "The 10th Muse: Maze of the Minotaur," Angel Gate Press have recently solicited their newest novel, "ZAK RAVEN, ESQ.: ALPHA." Written by Darren G. Davis (10th MUSE), with a five page black & white comic by writer, Ryan Scott Ottney, and artist, Sean Murphy (Dark Horse's CRUSH) - who also provides a beautiful full-color cover!

The new novel, like 10th MUSE novel before it, will be featured in the latest issue of Diamond Comics' Previews catalog.

Here's how the publisher describes the book:

Zak Raven is your typical 15-year old boy living in Bluffside. He wakes up, goes to school, comes home and does his homework. But somewhere between dinner and curfew, while most of his friends are playing video games - Zak can be found battling real life robots and his very own arch-enemy, Professor Dimitri Raine.

Once a super-powered hero, Zak fought to save the world as Kid Ranger! Now his superhuman abilities have diminished and he's just ordinary Zak, a regular 15-year old who strives to remain the hero he once was. Without superpowers he must depend on his own agility and training to help him save the day and still find time for that algebra homework!

This new novel is next in a line of a new series from Angel Gate Press, spotlighting their title characters as young adults, in a new initiative to promote reading amongst teenagers and young adults, as well as introducing them to the diverse world of comics.

"Comics have always been associated with young adults, and what better way to promote reading, in this day of DVD's, video games, and television, than with comic book characters," said Angel Gate Press Editor in Chief, and the author of this newest novel, Darren G. Davis. "We try to add to that by placing these characters in a time of their lives that the kids can relate to. Our hopes are that it will spark an interest not only in reading, but in comics as a whole."

Davis continues to add, "Zak Raven is the perfect character to use, because he's someone most kids can relate to. He doesn't have superpowers. He's just like every other kid on the playground."

"ZAK RAVEN, ESQ.: ALPHA" is featured in the latest issue of Previews catalog at $7.95 each, and shipping in February 2004.

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