Zack Snyder to Direct "Justice League" Film for Warner Bros.

Warner Bros. has tapped Zack Snyder to direct a "Justice League" film that will follow his 2016 sequel to "Man of Steel."

The Wall Street Journal reports that Greg Silverman, president of worldwide production for Warner Bros., confirmed that a script is in development for the film, which is expected to include Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot as Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman.

A release date has not been set, but the WSJ said the film is unlikely to come out before 2018.

No other members of the League were mentioned, but last week Variety reported Ray Fisher will play Cyborg in the next Superman film. The WSJ did list several other comic book properties that were in development by Warner Bros., including "Shazam," "Metal Men," "100 Bullets" and "Fables." It also said Warner Bros. "hopes" to do a Wonder Woman film featuring Gadot, with Sue Kroll, president of worldwide marketing, quoted as saying, "The world is ready for her.

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