Zack Snyder Shares His First Photo of Henry Cavill in Man of Steel Costume

henry cavill in man of steel

Director Zack Snyder celebrated National Superman Day by giving Man of Steel fans quite a treat.

Over on his Vero account, the director shared a photo of Henry Cavill in the Man of Steel Superman costume with the caption, "First time in costume... first photo." Check out the photo of Cavill dressed as the Kryptonian hero below.

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Man of Steel will celebrate its fifth anniversary tomorrow (June 14), so fans are eager to see whether the director will share anything else with them, especially since he's been very active on Vero, frequently sharing behind-the-scenes photos. Snyder also previously released a photo of Cavill wearing Christopher Reeve's classic Superman costume.

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As for Cavill, it is still unclear what role the actor and his iconic superhero will play in the future of the DC Extended Universe. It's still not confirmed whether Warner Bros. will move forward with a Man of Steel sequel or where Cavill's Superman could show up next. It is heavily rumored that Cavill's Man of Steel could appear in 2019's Shazam!, but only time will reveal whether he'll share the screen with Zachary Levi's cinematic version of the Big Red Cheese.

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