Zack Snyder Was Planning a Justice League Trilogy

Justice League Red Skies

Justice League's Ray Fisher has revealed that Zack Snyder, the film's original director, planned to tell the story of the superhero team across three movies.

After kickstarting the DC Extended Universe with Man of Steel in 2013, Snyder went on to direct 2016's Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and was working on Justice League until he handed the reins to Joss Whedon for personal reasons. While both directors had very different ideas for the Justice League, Snyder wanted to craft his own Dark Knight-esque trilogy.

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Speaking at September's Heroes and Villains Fan Fest New Jersey, Fisher discussed the leftover footage from the 'Snyder Cut' and what the director had envisioned for the DCEU. "What I will say is Zack had very specific plans for Cyborg, and for his trajectory," confirmed Fisher. "Zack probably shot enough footage in the first film to make like two movies out of. He definitely had a whole, I believe, a trilogy in mind, with respect to Justice League."

Fans already know that Justice League was at least supposed to have a sequel, but news of a trilogy teases a whole host of possibilities. In August, Snyder confirmed that he planned to kill Ben Affleck's Batman at some point during his tenure, which sounds like the perfect storyline for a third and final Justice League.

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Since leaving the DCEU, Snyder has been vocal on social media, teasing fans with deleted scenes and potential storylines that he would have included in Justice League and beyond. Considering the director liked to litter his earlier movies with Easter eggs that played out further down the line, audiences are left guessing what seeds were sown in Justice League for its potential sequels.

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