Zack Snyder on his 'fan-fetishistic relationship' with <i>Watchmen</i>

Although Alan Moore is obviously and justifiably getting a lot of attention as the Watchmen film approaches, the last 48 hours or so have seen the movie's director take center stage in the pre-opening media frenzy. So what does Zack Snyder think?

On why he took the job, to USA Today: "At first I didn't want to make the movie. I was like everyone else. I didn't want to see Hollywood (mess) it up with some watered-down story where the good guys win, the bad guys lose and no one really gets hurt. Then I figured it ought to be someone who knows and loves the material. And if I didn't do it, someone else would."

On Alan Moore wanting no part of the Watchmen film, to MTV: “When I came on the project, [Moore] had already said, ‘I don’t want anything to do with Watchmen. No one call me ... I had seen some stuff on the Internet, but how real is the stuff on the Internet? So, I was like, ‘What’s the real deal?’ and [the producers] were like, ‘Yeah, that is it.’”

On the differences between the comic and the movie, to Wired: "Look, I have a fan-fetishistic relationship with it, too, but you have to get space from that. You get a movie that has some of the experiences of the graphic novel but doesn't attempt to replace it. It is a separate artistic experience from the book."

On changing the ending, to USA Today: "There's no squid. Anywhere. No footage. We changed the ending. I'm hoping that fans can get that out of the way before they see it because, really, it's not that big a deal. What they should be worried about is what the studio originally wanted the movie to be. That's a lot scarier."

Speaking of how the movie is different from the original comic, MTV.com has a spoiler-heavy article on key differences between the two.

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