Zack Snyder Reveals Time Travel Was At the Core of Justice League 2's Story


Original DC Extended Universe filmmaker Zack Snyder continues to shed more light on his original plans for 2017's Justice League and its announced sequel, this time hinting at a pivotal role for Ezra Miller's Flash in the sequel's story.

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On Snyder's Vero account, the director answered fan questions about a recent post showing Cyborg confronting a vision of himself and his family from within a Mother Box. Snyder revealed that Barry Allen had to travel back to the past after the League fails to stop the forces of Apokolips from uniting the Mother Boxes and unleashing the Anti-Life Equation on Earth.

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The apocalyptic future in which Darkseid's forces conquer Earth was hinted at in a vision Batman experienced, brought about by a time traveling Flash during 2016's Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice. Given Snyder's revealed original plans, the villains would have succeeded in bringing this future to pass, with Flash traveling back to project Cyborg inside a Mother Box using the Speed Force to change history.

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Snyder's announced sequel to Justice League would have been released in theaters this past weekend before lukewarm response to Batman v. Superman led to Warner Bros. restructuring its DCEU plans behind the scenes.

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