Zack Snyder Claims He Planned to Explore BvS' Knightmare Timeline Further

Perhaps one of the biggest casualties of the Joss Whedon-helmed Justice League re-shoots is that fans of the DC Extended Universe will likely never see Zack Snyder's planned exploration of the Knightmare timeline that was introduced in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

The Knightmare sequence, which unfolded in the middle of the film, left some viewers baffled, and others mesmerized. It took place in a dark and dystopian future where Superman had gone evil, and where Batman fought with freedom fighters to overthrow the rule of the Kryptonian. Worse still, this Superman was aligned with Darkseid and the forces of Apokolips. The scene ended with a time-traveling Flash warning Bruce Wayne of the potential future, and how he could stop it.

Now, Snyder has confirmed that he had plans to further explore the Knightmare timeline. On social media platform Vero, the director was asked by a fan if he had an arc planned for the Knightmare sequence, to which Snyder answered with an earnest "oh yes." While he doesn't elaborate on what this arc would have entailed, it does confirm that the scene wasn't meant to be dismissed after Batman v Superman.

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The Knightmare sequence left some audience members perplexed -- but that was its goal. With Justice League already in production by the time Dawn of Justice was hitting theaters in 2016, all signs pointed to the alternate timeline playing a role in Snyder's Justice League. However, the director eventually stepped aside from the project, and Joss Whedon was brought on to complete the film. In Whedon's finished product, there were no signs, not even a mention, of the Knightmare sequence and, with the film truncated from the initially planned two-parter to a standalone feature, it appears fans may never get the pay off to what Batman v Superman had set up.

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Justice League now stands as the lowest-grossing DCEU film. Next on the franchises' docket is the Jason Momoa-starring Aquaman, which hits theaters Dec. 18.

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