Zack Snyder Debuts Trailer for Short Film: Snow Steam Iron


Batman v Superman director Zack Snyder stepped away from production on the upcoming Justice League film in May after the passing of his daughter, Autumn. While that movie releases in November, it seems that Snyder has made a new short film, which is titled Snow Steam Iron, in the meantime.

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Snyder tweeted out a short trailer for the movie, which certainly draws on the director's signature style. The trailer starts by showing a woman sitting alone in a room as foreboding music plays in the background. The clip then cuts between different images and scenes, including of the woman's arrest and of her holding a gun. At the end of the video, it's revealed that the short film is "Coming soon on Vero." Snyder captioned the tweet,  "#SnowSteamIron #ShortFilm #ComingSoon #VEROBrandAmbassador."

On September 8, Snyder tweeted out a poster for the short film, which showed a woman kneeling on the ground with a large shadow and bloodstain next to her. Snyder wrote,"What can you do with your talented friends & family, no money and a weekend? #SnowSteamIron #ShortFilm #ComingSoon."

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Vero is a social media app that allows users to share media, such videos and images, with others, and buy different products. As Snyder notes in his tweet, he's one of the company's brand ambassadors, and has used it in the past to share images of Batman's suit and Aquaman from Justice League. 

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