Zack Snyder's Original Five-Movie DCEU Arc Was 'Epic, Grand, Emotional'


Although Zack Snyder's time guiding the DC Extended Universe was cut short during production of Justice League, the director had planned a five-movie arc that's been characterized as "unforgettable."

Storyboard artist Jay Oliva, who worked with Snyder on Man of Steel, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League, recently responded on Twitter to a fan's question about the director's original vision for a five-film DCEU arc. While avoiding specifics, he described the overarching story as "epic, grand, emotional, joyful and unforgettable."

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Oliva revealed just last month that 2013's Man of Steel was intended only as the first chapter in Snyder's five-movie story, with 2016's Batman v. Superman as the second chapter, 2017's Justice League and its sequel as the third and fourth, and an unannounced film to close out the arc.

While DC Entertainment Co-Publisher Jim Lee has maintained that Snyder wasn't fired, but instead left Justice League in the wake of a family tragedy, the circumstances of his exit are still the subject of rumors. Snyder was, of course, succeeded behind the camera by Joss Whedon, who oversaw the completion of principal photography and extensive reshoots. The final product was divisive, to say the least, leading Snyder's fans to lobby for Warner Bros. to release a "director's cut" on his version of the film.

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Soon after Snyder's departure, Oliva left Warner Bros. himself, and is now working as an animator at DreamWorks. This comes after a lengthy career at Warner Bros. directing DC Animated Films, including both installments of the animated The Dark Knight Returns and 2017's Justice League Dark.

With Warner Bros. having no plans for Snyder to return to the studio in the immediate future, it seems that Snyder's vision for the DCEU will remain unfinished business.

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