Zack Snyder Has Basically Revealed Cyborg's Entire Justice League Arc

Ray Fisher's Cyborg

Perhaps no character in 2017's Justice League was hit harder by the reportedly studio-mandated two-hour runtime than Victor Stone/Cyborg. Despite being integral to the team, the character himself was almost an afterthought, with little time spent getting to know him. The film was originally slated to have at least two parts, with actor Ray Fisher stating there was enough material for an entire Justice League trilogy.

Cyborg had a clear arc extending across multiple films that will probably never make it to the DC Extended Universe, at least in the same way. However, director Zack Snyder -- who left the project and was replaced by Joss Whedon -- has revealed a lot of what would have happened in his cut through social media, meaning fans now have a pretty good indication of what he intended to do with Cyborg in the first Justice League film.

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The Stone Family Played a Much Larger Role

Silas Stone Joe Morton Justice League

Cyborg's strained relationship with his father has always been a central part of the character, whether Victor himself is with the Justice League or the Teen Titans. Using technology to rebuild the badly-injured Victor, Silas was instrumental in inspiring his son to become a superhero. Although the character survived the theatrical cut, he would have originally died towards the middle of Justice League, pushing Cyborg to join the titular team.

Snyder revealed a still from Justice League likely showing Silas' death scene. Another revealed photo saw Cyborg apparently crying in S.T.A.R. Labs, which would have likely taken place directly after the aforementioned still. The film would also have originally ended with Victor finding a video recording of his father. This recording would feature the monologue eventually given to Lois Lane in the final version of Justice League. Having Silas posthumously deliver these lines would also make himself, as well as Cyborg, far more central characters to the movie.

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Despite only being mentioned in the theatrical cut of the film, Cyborg's mother Elinore Stone would have appeared in a more substantial capacity in the original release. Snyder revealed an image showing Cyborg having what appears to be a Mother Box-induced hallucination. In the vision, Cyborg imagines himself as fully human again, standing besides his deceased parents.

Another new image showed Cyborg at the family plot, which would have included his own grave as well as his mother's. This would likely have taken place after Silas's originally intended death, leading the sequence to also be cut entirely. With Snyder confirming that this scene indeed took place at Victor's own grave, there's more gravitas added to Cyborg eventually rejoining the world as a superhero, while further exemplifying how he's caught between the human Victor Stone and the robotic Cyborg.

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It's possible that Victor would try to resurrect his family in the first Justice League film, which might explain why, in the theatrical version of the film, Batman already seemed to know the Mother Box would not work on decomposed material.  There's also a good indication the movie placed more of an emphasis on Cyborg's struggle with his own humanity (there was originally a scene of him as a football player before his accident), and the loss of his family only exacerbates his issues.

Cyborg's arc would have involved him coming to terms with the loss of his family, humanity and new powers. His story was, as described by Snyder, the "heart" of Justice League, though reshoots and other changes reduced his role dramatically enough to make him a near non-entity.

Cyborg's DCEU Future

Most of Zack Snyder's plans for Justice League were scrapped following the movie's failure at the box office. A Cyborg solo film was originally slated for 2020, though there's really no indication any progress has been made on that front, though Fisher does still want the film to happen. Warner Bros. may take some of the ideas from Justice League, like Silas Stone dying, for the character's solo movie, provided it ever happens.

However, the potentially high cost of a Cyborg movie really does reduce the chances the film will ever see the light of day. There doesn't seem to be much momentum behind actually getting Cyborg's film to the big-screen, so fans might just have to wait, however unlikely, for the Snyder Cut of Justice League to find out just what happened to Victor Stone originally.

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