Zack Snyder Shares Image of His Cut Justice League Cameo

Zack Snyder on the set of Justice League

Director Zack Snyder has revealed his planned cameo in Justice League.

As the director of Man of Steel and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, Snyder was the chief architect of Warner Bros.' so-called DC Extended in its early days. However, he exited Justice League in the wake of a family tragedy, leaving Joss Whedon to oversee what became extensive reshoots, as well as a final edit that left numerous Snyder scenes -- some of which have since been revealed by the filmmaker -- on the cutting-room floor.

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Now, Snyder has confirmed that among the moments cut from the film was his own cameo. An image posted by the director on the social-media platform Vero reveal he appeared in a scene involving Amy Adams' Lois Lane, which was also removed from the theatrical release.

Snyder can be seen sitting at the window of coffee shop behind Adams. It’s not a flashy cameo, but a solid, brief appearance in the tradition of Alfred Hitchcock.

Snyder has made a habit of posting elements and scenes that were cut from Justice League onto social media, ranging from major story beats that never appeared to elaborating on smaller moments that fans never got to see.

(via Reddit)

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