Zack Snyder Reveals Clearest Look Yet at the DCEU's Darkseid

In June, Justice League director Zack Snyder posted an image of Darkseid using the Anti-Life Equation. However, the villain was fairly small in that image. A new close-up photo posted by Snyder gives fans their clearest look yet at Darkseid.

The image, which Snyder posted on social media platform Vero, appeared on Reddit. The photo, which is in black-and-white, doesn't look entirely finished and refers to the character by his birth name, Uxas, indicating that it's a younger version of the villain

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After an infamously troubled production process, Snyder left Justice League after a family tragedy. Director Joss Whedon was reportedly called in to complete reshoots that gave the film a lighter tone, and rumors of a Snyder cut of the film quickly began gaining traction online. Several people involved with the production, including Snyder himself, have also publicly discussed the Snyder cut, which is supposedly more in line with the director's original vision for the film.

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While Justice League ultimately earned disappointing box office totals and was met with mixed critical reviews, Snyder's aborted sequel to the film, Justice League 2, was originally supposed to be release this year. By all accounts, Darkseid would've played a major role in that movie after being first introduced in Justice League.

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