Zachary Levi Reveals His Favorite Childhood Hero (And It Wasn't Shazam)


Zachary Levi has officially taken flight in the DC film Shazam! as the titular hero. However, the actor explained that when he was growing up, his favorite superheroes actually came from the pages of Marvel Comics.

In a new video interview with Collider, Levi talked at length about being a huge fan of the X-Men, as well as all of Marvel's other mutant superhero teams. He also revealed that he had a particular love for the Cajun X-Man, Gambit. Although, he admitted that his absolute favorite character would have to be the Merc with a Mouth himself, Deadpool.

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"I was a big Marvel kid," Levi said. "I was super into X-Men, X-Force, X-Factor, all of the Xs. I love Gambit, he was my favorite of the X-Men... Deadpool actually was my favorite character. Basically Snake Eyes [from G.I. Joe], but with, like, a really cool, fun personality."

Levi then told an anecdote of the first time he met Deadpool creator Rob Liefeld, saying, "I think the first time I went to San Diego Comic-Con we had bumped into each other, and I was a total fanboy, and I was like, 'Bro, you have no idea.'"

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Still, Levi also took the time to express how grateful he was to be playing the role of Shazam! for DC and how great it's been working with the company has been, especially when he factors in truly surreal experiences like being the subject of a Jim Lee variant cover.

Directed by David F. Sandberg, Shazam! stars Asher Angel as Billy Batson, Zachary Levi as Shazam, Mark Strong as Dr. Thaddeus Sivana, Djimon Hounsou as the ancient wizard Shazam, Grace Fulton as Mary Bromfield, Jack Dylan Grazer as Frederick “Freddy” Freeman, Ian Chen as Eugene Choi, Jovan Armand as Pedro Peña, Faithe Herman as Darla Dudley, Cooper Andrews as Victor Vásquez and Marta Milans as Rosa Vásquez.

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