Z2 announces new line of creator-owned comics

Z2 Comics, publisher of Paul Pope's Escapo, Dean Haspiels' Fear My Dear and Harvey Pekar's Cleveland,  will branch out from graphic novels into periodicals with a new line debuting this fall.

Formerly Zip Comics, the New York-based boutique publisher will start with three creator-owned titles: Welcome to Showside, by Bravest Warriors comic artist Ian McGinty; Carver, by Pope protege Chris Hunt (12 Reasons to Die); and Allen: Son of Hellcock, the comics debut of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver writer Will Tracy.

"There’s no house style to Z2 Comics, because our comics are spectacularly diverse,” Publisher Josh Frankel said in a statement. “We have an all ages comic book chock full of demons and monsters about the eternal tension between a slacker son and his ambitious father who literally wants to take over the universe. There’s a world trotting caper full of sex, intrigue and adventure. And then there’s a hilarious fantasy story about an aspiring cartoonist who must avenge his father’s death.”

The 32-page comics will be available in print through Diamond Comic Distributors and digitally through comiXology. See a full breakdown of the opening lineup below.

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