Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses

In the anime and manga of YU-GI-Oh! GX, the characters go to a school called Duel Academy. As the name suggests, it is a school in which students practice and train to become professional duelists. Like Hogwarts in Harry Potter, this school also divides its students into different subcategories within their school district.

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While Hogwarts divides its student body by character traits, Duel Academy divides the students by how good they did in the duel entrance exams. As Seto Kiba is the owner of the school, he is the one that came up with the three categories the students will go into. The Obelisk Blue dorms are for the most skilled, Ra Yellow is for the students in the middle, and Slifer Red is for the worst skilled. So, here is the YU-GI-Oh! GX characters sorted into Hogwarts houses.

9 Bastion Misawa (RAVENCLAW)

The first person on this list is Bastion Misawa. He is a part of the Ra Yellow dorms. He is also the definition of a Ravenclaw. He is very smart, dedicated, disciplined, and makes sure everything is perfect. He also loves being in the spotlight, but when no one noticed his skill anymore, he joined the malevolent Society of Light. Ravenclaws are known to backstab other members of their house if it can get them to the top.

Ravenclaws are not just smart and clever, they also possess great creativity which Bastion does by making his own deck. He is a perfectionist...which gets him a long way in the dorm Ra Yellow.

8 Vellian Crowler (SLYTHERIN)

Vellian Crowler is both a department chair and professor for Duel Academy. He would definitely be the headmaster for the Slytherin house. When a new group of Slifer Red students comes at the begging of the school year, he tries to gets them kicked out because he does not think they are good enough.

Vellian has all the worst qualities in a person, making him the best candidate for Slytherin. He is an elitist. He strives to be the best and to only be around the best at the school. While Vellian does eventually settle down later in the series, that does not forgive what he has done on multiple occasions beforehand.

7 Chumley Huffington (HUFFLEPUFF)

At the beginning of the YU-GI-Oh! GX series, Chumley was in the Slifer Red dorms with Jaden, Syrus, and Blair. In the first season, he is lazy and does not win duels, but has a burning love for grilled cheese sandwiches. He is portrayed as a good friend, but would not put himself in danger for anyone.

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Chumley finally started to shine when he found his true passion. He became a well known YU-GI-Oh card designer for Industrial Illusions. He is now working for the famous Maximillion Pegasus.

6 Chazz Princeton (SLYTHERIN)

Chazz is basically the Draco Malfoy of Duel Academy. He is in the Obelisk Blue dorm, but he chooses to wear a black trench coat around the school instead. He is petty, arrogant, conceited, and only really thinks of himself. He spends most of his time in the episodes being a jerk, which provides a lot of comic relief throughout the series.

Like a lot of Slytherins, they come from a noble family. Chazz's brothers are very respected in the financial and political communities. They wanted Chazz to be the best of the best in the dueling world.

5 Blair Flannigan (RAVENCLAW)

Blair is in the low ranking Slifer red dorms. While she received near-perfect scores on her entrance exams, she is a mediocre duelist. Although her smarts almost got her into Ra Yellow, she was just not cut out for their dorm.

Though Blair's start may be rocky, she goes on to become a great duelist who can hold her own. She is a sweet girl who falls in love way too easily. Her brains and her quirky attitude are what would make her a prime candidate for being a great Ravenclaw.

4 Zane Truesdale (RAVENCLAW)

Throughout the YU-GI-Oh! GX series, Zane has varying personalities. In the first part of the series, he is a smart, calm, and respects the people he's around or dueling. Things change when Zane gets beat by Aster Pheonix and continues to lose for a long time. During his losing steak, his attitude grows dark and mean, even saying he enjoys seeing others in pain.

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With a past like that, Zane would be a Ravenclaw because he is smart and one of the best at what he does, but when he loses a game, he loses so much more.

3 Alexis Rhodes (HUFFLEPUFF)

Alexis is the only girl that is shown throughout the whole YU-GI-Oh! GX series. She is in Oblisk Blue as she is smart and a skilled duelist. She is smart, kind, strong-willed, loyal, and extremely brave.

She is like the Cedric Diggory of the Obelisk Blue dorm. A common trait in Oblisk Blue dorm living is that they think they are better than the other people in the other two dorms. Alexis does not look down on the other dorms as she became best friends with Jaden early on in the series.

2 Syrus Truesdale (HUFFLEPUFF)

Syrus Truesdale is the younger brother of Zane Truesdale. Unlike Zan, Syrus ranked as a Slifer Red at the beginning of the series. He is kind and will do anything for his friends, especially Jaden. Syrus is not a poor duelist who is insecure with his dueling abilities.

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That said, throughout the series, he slowly becomes better and rises through the ranks until he finally joins the Obelisk Blue dorm. He is a Hufflepuff because he is nice, caring, and will work hard to get where he wants to be, all while keeping a level head.

Jesse Anderson is basically a blue-haired, American Jaden Yuki. He comes from North Academy and transferred to Duel Academy in the third season. Jessie can also talk to his duel monster like Jaden. He is strong-willed, great at dueling, and brave, but can be shy sometimes.

He is kind of a mystery when he first appears in the show, but soon opens up to Jaden. Jesse is a Ravenclaw as he is smart and a great duelist, but he also has weird interests like bugs and getting his hands on the "Rainbow Dragon" card.

1 Jaden Yuki (GRYFFINDOR)

Jayden Yuki is the main character of the YU-GI-Oh! GX anime and manga. Jaden has a lot of characteristics of both Gryffindor and Hufflepuff. He is kind, confident, strong-willed, easy-going, enthusiastic, funny, heroic, confident, and courageous. Jaden is not prideful or arrogant like a lot of Gryffindors are known to be.

He is the best duelist in the academy but does not boast about his skill. He is a part of the Slifer Red dorms because he does not care about grades. As a Gryffindor, he jumps into battle with both feet, especially if it will save his friends. He has saved the school and his friends multiple times and cherishes his friends until the end.

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