Yow! What have they done to Little Lulu?

Over in Brazil, apparently the likes of John Stanley, Irving Tripp and Marjorie Henderson Buell aren't good enough anymore, because they've taken the classic Little Lulu character beloved by so many and given here a makeover that, well, see for yourself ...

You can see more images and a snippet from the new comic (it's all in Portuguese) here. According to Cartoon Brew, Tubby has left his violin to lead a rock band, Annie is the gang’s geek and a videogame freak, Gloria is a fashion expert and Alvin has become a skater and surfer.

So ... they've taken everything that was original and funny about the characters and replaced them with generic cliches? I'm sure that will work well for them.

This is all the fault of that West Side gang I betcha!

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