You've become an ice sculpture Charlie Brown!

Not content with dominating the vast world merchandising, the Peanuts empire will now take on the competitive and ever-controversial ice sculpting arena, with a new exhibit that will open on Nov. 20 in Nashville, TN. Entitled ICE!, the exhibit will re-enact scenes from A Charlie Brown Christmas using 2 million pounds of ice carved by artisans from Harbin, China. No, I am not making any of this up.

The promo video is above. You can read the intro from the official press release, which I nicked from Daily Cartoonist, after the jump.

The family of the late and legendary Charles Schulz is preparing for a visit to Nashville, Tenn. It is there that artisans from Harbin, China are busy carving 2 million pounds of ice at Gaylord Opryland Resort’s A Country Christmas. When the 40 carvers are finished, thousands of giant blocks of ice will have been transformed into a larger-than-life ice sculpture storybook telling the story of A Charlie Brown Christmas by Charles Schulz. Members of the Schulz family will be the first to experience ICE during a private tour before it opens to the public November 20, 2009.

“We’ve all seen an ice sculpture, we’ve all seen carvings, but I think to see room after room of these Charlie Brown Ice sculptures is going to be mind boggling. I think that when it comes to these ice sculptures that they are going to be perfect and [Charles Schulz] would have loved them all,” said Jeannie Schulz, wife of the late Peanuts cartoonist Charles Schulz.

A Charlie Brown Christmas, one of America’s most successful TV Christmas classics, is being brought to life in frozen form at Gaylord Opryland’s Gaslight ICE! Theater, in an attraction called ICE! featuring A Charlie Brown Christmas. The colorful, interactive ice sculpture world will tell the story of Charlie Brown and his friends as he asks, “Isn’t there anyone who knows what Christmas is all about?,” and they discover the answer together.

To read the rest of the release, click on that Daily Cartoonist link.

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