YouTube Reportedly Will Stream 'The Interview'

YouTube has "tentatively agreed" to make The Interview available as an online rental, CNN reports, considerably expanding its reach beyond the approximately 300 independent theaters that will premiere the Sony Pictures comedy on Christmas.

Although the 11th-hour deal could fall apart -- earlier talks to distribute through Apple's iTunes broke down -- CNN notes an agreement for simultaneous release in theaters and in homes would be "historic." The movie will also likely be streamed through Google Play and Sony's website.

Originally scheduled to premiere nationwide on Christmas, the Seth Rogen/James Franco comedy was pulled from release last week following threats of violence of violence by hackers the U.S. government maintains were employed by South Korea launch a cyberattack against Sony. The comedy involves an assassination plot against North Korean dictator Kim Jong-Un.

On Tuesday, numerous independently owned theaters stepped into the void left by the withdrawal of major chains; about 300 cinemas across the country will debut The Interview on Thursday, with more expected to join the list beginning Jan. 1.

According to CNN, negotiations with Google-owned YouTube and other potential partners have been under way, but questions regarding financial terms and the possibility of hacking reprisals has led to delays in any agreements.

Updated (9:40 a.m.): Google has confirmed The Interview will be available for streaming on Google Play and YouTube beginning today at 10 a.m.

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