YouTube Can Be Good - 10/6

Another week, another pair of comic-related YouTube clips! Yay!


First, we have this interesting parody of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, as "Brian Michael Bendis" and "Mark Millar" help to ultimatize Vertigo characters in "Ultimate Eye for the Vertigo Guy."

The video is courtesy of g14productions, and won the 2005 Wizard Direct to Video Contest Winner.

Next, we have another video that has connections to Wizard.

Here is Zeb Wells' video about deadbeat superhero dads.

One of Wells' humor videos also won a Wizard video contest, and his Marvel parodies ultimately won him a gig writing some Marvel Comics, which he has parlayed now into an exclusive contract from Marvel!

Hope you had fun!

Feel free to recommend other YouTube clips you like!

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