You're invited to Robot 6's fourth-anniversary celebration!

Four years ago Wednesday, a rag-tag band of bloggers launched ROBOT 6 at Comic Book Resources, and ever since then, we've celebrated the anniversary with a takeover of the CBR home page. And this year is no different.

Beginning at 8 a.m., we'll roll out exclusive previews and announcements, special features, and a lineup of interviews that's so long it will take us two days to showcase them all. We'll share the space with CBR until noon today, but after that, the website is ours (well, at least until Wednesday morning).

Thanks to CBR Executive Producer Jonah Weiland for handing us the keys for the next couple of days (and for putting up with us for the past four years), and to the creators, publishers, editors and publicity representatives for helping us to mark the occasion. Thanks as well to the ROBOT 6 contributors for their hard work, and especially to our readers. Here's to another year!

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