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Recently DC announced a new ongoing, starring Magog. This surprising decision has, naturally, caused some reaction.

Jim at Comics And...Other Imaginary Tales is incredulous:

DC announces an ongoing Magog series by Keith Giffen and Howard Porter. Are they kiding? I mean the JSA has Hourman and Liberty Bell husband and wife team that is virtually untouched, Dr. Midnight, the revamped Sandman, Damage and many other characters that would be fascinating and great to carry a book and we get Magog. This guy is a bizarre homage to some of the worst 90 characters every created. Who the hell green lit this idea at DC? This is a really a bad idea in my opinion, Giffen has been more miss than hit, Porter's style is all over the map and there is no buzz on this character. It will not last past 12 issues is my guess.

Poster Desaad on the CBR forums is more optimistic:

As to this series, I was excited as soon as I heard the creative team, and I'm more excited after this interview. I like the Magog character, in concept, if only because I love his cosmic connections. I dig his look as well.

But I also know that Keith Giffen is one of the most creative minds in comics, and that if anyone can make this book work it's him. He really gets concepts of 'scale', having done great work on Annihilation and Legion of Superheroes, but he can also do mythic/religious very well, as seen in his horror-esque "Four Horsemen" mini series.

I have an unnatural love of Howard Porter's art. I know it's not technically the best, but it's so damn energetic that I can't help but be moved by it, consistently. Hopefully Giffen takes into account that Porter is an ACTION artist, rather than a pensive one, and delivers scripts accordingly.

While commenter Justin at J. Caleb Morozzo's Every Day is Like Wednesday has some interesting thoughts about it:

I think it's *because* Hawkman, Firestorm and everyone else you mentioned can't support a book that they're trying Magog. If I'm Dan Didio, I *know* a new Atom series is going to get cancelled before long, but Magog? Well, who knows *how* long they can keep that up until they try it? It's kind of a throw-whatever-you-can-against-the-wall-and-see-what-sticks approach, but Stan Lee basically built Marvel that way in the 60s.

I'm not actually a Magog fan, and I don't think this will last past ten issues, and turning what was essentially a parody creation into an ongoing lead is probably not a good idea, but at least it's a *new* idea. Apparently, DC is at a point where taking a chance is at least as economically viable as taking another stab at something "safe," and in the long run that could lead to good things creatively, right?

So what do you think?

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