Your Mileage May Vary: The New Batgirl Costume

Costume changes always makes for interesting discussions among comics bloggers. This time it's Batgirl getting the makeover.

Diamondrock of Title Undetermined does not like the costume:

All the practicality has been thrown out the window in what I would see as a misguided attempt to tie Steph's Bargirl costume to her Spoiler costume. The purple just doesn't work. The leg pouch is all 90's "anti-symmetry." It just looks bad. And again, the free flowing hair is just going to get in her way. Couldn't she tie it back in a ponytail or stuff it in her cowl like she did with her hood? Honestly, how many women athletes do you see competing with their hair loose? If a runner or a soccer player doesn't do it, then a vigilante certainly shouldn't.

Michelle of Supergirl: Maid of Might is pleasantly surprised:

There’s a couple versions of the new costume floating around at the moment: Lee Garbett’s original design (2nd above), and Phil Noto’s coloured version from the upcoming issue. If you don’t like one, you may like the other – I think it’s best to view them together because this is a very fresh design that will take some getting used to. But I think it’s a good change that gives the new character a distinct look of her own without screwing up the traditional design. Noto’s version has going for it a very sturdy, kind of rubberized look that’s a fit with the movie versions (which may not be everyone’s cup of tea). Garbett’s two-toned purple version is very sleek and attractive and definitely evokes Spoiler while solidly looking like ‘Batgirl’. I’m not sure which I prefer. But the already announced action figure (yay! – but is it too soon?) is modelled very closely on the spec design and it’s gorgeous.

While Caleb of Every Day is Like Wednesday is not so fond of the 90s elements:

Yes, her costume does have a utility garter on it. I hate those things. Not simply because they seem kinda dumb and impractical (Can she sit down wearing it? Can she run? And does she have so many Bat-gadgets they don't fit in her over-sized belt that looks like it's going to slide off her hip if she moves at all that she needs a utility garter?). No, I dislike them mostly because they seem like such a Jim Lee/Rob Liefeld circa 1992 design element. (In fact, it was right about that time that the last Bat-person who decided the best place to wear a utility belt would be his thigh tried that look out).

So what do you think?

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