Your Mileage May Vary | <i>Red Robin</i> #1

Now that Battle for the Cowl's over, the DCU's Batclan has undergone drastic changes, some of which we can see in DC's Red Robin #1.

Jason of Clever Name Comics & Pop Culture Blog thought the issue was great:

Jim from Comics And...Other Imaginary Tales thought it was good and bad:

The bad is the actual execution and the way the first issue was told. It was very jumpy and went from past to future and place to place with almost no rhyme or reason. Tim stops a kidnapping in Spain, we cut to Czechoslovakia for some reason and then Tim is in Paris and stopping a crime. In between we jump to the past and see Tim get pissed about Dick wanting to have Damian as Robin. Tim gets pissed and breaks some stuff and says Bruce is alive and then goes on his quest.

There is no rhyme or reason to why he comes to this conclusion. No emotional moment where he decides Bruce has to be alive since he has lost everyone else. There is no reason for why Tim decides the main premise of the book. Then there is no reason for why Tim goes to the places he is going too. No sightings of a person like Bruce, no accessing of the Wayne fortune, no mysterious avenger of the night in these places; it appears that Tim is just trolling around Europe. The premise was strong, the idea is good, but the building of a rationale was non-existent. If they correct next issue, bravo, if not the complaint stands.

While Mart of MART GRAY is TOO DANGEROUS FOR A GIRL has a few problems with it:

It turns out Tim didn't leave Gotham in an amicable manner, but in a snit due to Dick's accepting of Damian al-Ghul/Head Wayne, Snot of the Demon, as Tim's replacement. Dick, bless him, hadn't asked Tim if he wished to be replaced. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Dick Grayson, true heir to the emotional sensitivity of Bruce Wayne.

And Tim, heir to the Darknight Detective, too dim to realise that if you're not shooting people, you don't need a bandoleer.

The story doesn't make a great deal of sense to me, but I don't hold that against Yost - the current Batman Family Shuffle is editorially driven. It wasn't his idea to have Tim darken, that's been coming for some time. No, the lemonade Yost makes here is likely as good as anyone could produce. I'm just not sure I want to buy it.

So what do you think?

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