Your Mileage May Vary: Birds of Prey

As announced earlier this week, Gail Simone's much-missed Birds of Prey is returning, and it seems like everyone has something to say.

Alan of Reilly2040's blog is excited:

While the blogger at 1979 Semi-Finalist has some trepidation:

Of note is that it sounds like BoP is part of DC’s Brightest Day run, which as I understand it, will run for a year (26 issues) – it’s unclear if the book is supposed to continue after that. CBR’s Robot 6 makes it sound like it is an ongoing, and Simone’s interview on Comic Alliance also makes it sound like an ongoing, so perhaps it is just a book that will participate in Brightest Day…and continue beyond that? I suppose if the series does well, that DC will find a way to continue it on regardless of the original plan (whatever that was). Though a specific release date has not been announced it looks like the new series will premiere in April or May.

And finally, livejournalist scottie2558 wonders if there's another reason:

So it seems that Gail Simone is returning to one of her most well known series besides Secret Six. This was one of my favorite books from DC when I came back into comics back in 2003. On my pull list every month. I sort of petered off reading it when she left and the fill in's up till it's demise took over. Canceled during the post 'Batman Reborn' shake-up, she gets to start it again. While it could be they realized it was a mistake to cancel it or she had a pitch they couldn't let go past... it also might put credence towards the rumors of Grant Morrison taking over Wonder Woman soon. This could be her sort of consolation prize for backing off that title.

So what do you think?

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