Your Mileage May Vary

Oracle: The Cure #1 has come out and given all the potential implications this story has for Barbara Gordon, it's probably natural that people are talking about it.

Esther Inglis-Arkell believes that the series will end with Barbara as Oracle, uncured:

Rich on the other hand expects a cure for Barbara and a return to Batgirl:

Now granted, there's no firm confirmation that the Cure in this mini's title is for Barbara's paralysis, as Calculator is also trying to get a cure for his daughter, the Teen Titan's Wendy - but I think we will be seeing the return of Barbara Gordon as Batgirl.

This just feels like a regression. Barbara Gordon has, for the past twenty-plus years, been one of the most interesting characters in the DCU. Hell, in comics in general. She's shown that having a physical disability doesn't need to stop you living your life or being a hero - I mean, I'm not sure but I'd imagine that she's been a role model of sorts. To have that taken away by what seems to be an editorial need to have a recognizable Batgirl feels a little like a slap in the face.

While Diamondrock thinks the cure itself won't matter, and Oracle will be Oracle:

But then, that question is only important to a degree. After all, if Barbara does regain the use of her legs that has absolutely no impact on her ability to be "Oracle." A "cure" is only important if they're planning to make her Batgirl again.

And would they really do that? Would they take a woman who is one of the strongest and most powerful characters in the whole of the DC Universe and make her call herself Batgirl? Especially when there's a Batwoman running around? Can you really see a woman like Barbara Gordan taking on the mantle of Batgirl again?

So what do you think?

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