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Your Mileage May Vary

by  in Comic News Comment
Your Mileage May Vary

In celebration of our relocation, the “Variations on a Theme” column is undergoing a slight change.

Well, really, just a name change. You are now reading “Your Mileage May Vary” which is essentially the same column but with the added bonus that once a month or so, I get to post my opinion about… something. (I haven’t figured that part out yet.)

This week, the big topic among all of you seems to be Final Crisis #6. If you’ve read it, you know what I’m talking about. If not… Well, don’t continue reading this post.

Patrick generally enjoyed the issue:

FC #6 is as strong an issue as most of Final Crisis to date, and I’m sure read under normal circumstances I would have been more into it. There are some absolutely fantastic moments, most of them involving the use of the Metron symbol to tie the resistance together and cut holes in Darkseid’s power. I love the moment where the Tatooed Man ignites his symbol and throws chaos into the onslaught of justifiers. Also awesome is the two page spread at the end where Metron tells Nix Uotan about the oncoming fifth world.

Kevin was less fond of the issue:

I think I talk about this about the “death” of Bruce Wayne enough (for now). Now I want to talk about Darkseid’s. Morrison what the hell were you thinking when you came up with that and this story. For all the talk about Darkseid being the most evil of evil to walk this Earth to go out like a little bitch like that makes all the build of the Darkseid character unneccessary. Even though I suspect that Darkseid will make some sort of miraculous return, along with Libra, in the next issue since Superman does need someone to fight in the last issue. Up to this point Darkseid has done nothing but sit on his ass and talk about how big and bad he is. Either Darkseid is suffering a serious case of couch potato syndrome or Morrison just didn’t know what the hell to do with Darkseid since Superman wasn’t in the series at all until now. I suspect that the latter and because of that Morrison clearly shows a lack of giving the any pay off for what he build Darkseid to be.

Meanwhile Anitalee is cautiously optimistic:

Now, though it may certainly appear as if Batman is dead following the sure to be iconic image of a burnt Bats, you can save the eulogy on behalf of later since the Omega Sanction doesn’t necessarily equate death. Grant Morrison’s entire jog on Batman has pretty much been all about showing how awesome Bruce Wayne is. If anyone can survive a string of worsening alternate lives, it has to be Bruce Wayne. The an estimated all exciting thing about the whole event: how Bruce Wayne returns (because you know he will). If they play their cards right, this can manufacture on behalf of some seriously cool comic book moments. IF they do it right.

So what do you think?

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